Here is a poem that was submitted to a Girl Guide website in Canada. I love it so much because it really represented each girl in my troop.   This was read at our bridging ceremony when the girls became Junior Scouts.  Every girl brings something to a troop, and even if you are going through an “awkward” stage with some of your girls, hang in there, this can be a challenging time and it can be a time of great reward as you see the girls beginning their journey toward becoming a young woman.

Every Girl Brings With Her A Precious Gift
Written by Helen Keech, Division Commissioner for Opeongo Division, Ontario

One girl brings intelligence- the challenge of her sparkling mind keeps me continually learning.

One girl brings laughter- the challenge of her ready wit keeps me from taking myself too seriously.

One girl brings simplicity- the challenge of her unquestioning acceptance keeps me honest.

One girl brings skepticism- the challenge of her “show me” attitude keeps me from ever trying to bluff my way through something.

One girl brings curiosity- the challenge of her continuing questions keeps me on my toes.

One girl brings kindness- the challenge of her radiating warmth keeps me from forgetting the importance of hugs.

One girl brings super activity- the challenge of her boundless energy keeps me moving and free from laziness.

Every girl brings with her a precious gift. Grant that I may always look for, and nurture, that precious gift in every girl.