Wow, this worked out even better than I could have planned.  We hosted our first badge workshop the girls had a great time!  I promised that I would share the nuts & bolts of the event so you can replicate this in your area too.

Recall that this was to be our “Rally Troop” meeting as well as a badge workshop.  While we had a few girls come to the workshop that were looking for a troop, we actually had been able to connect most girls into a troop before the event, so that part is actually very good.  We had girls divided into three groups to earn their First Aid badge.  Cadettes, Juniors, and Brownies.  We had planned to have Daisies, but we have new leaders with a Daisy troop and they opted to earn the petals in their troop meetings.  Will have to rethink our idea to host Daisy scouts at the Badge Workshops, might have to change our program plan for them.

For the other three groups, it was a great success.  The Brownies worked on learning about how and when to call 911.  They also put together a First Aid kit for us to keep at our Badge Workshops.  Juniors made very cute “altoid tin” first aid kits that they can toss in their backpacks when they go on a hike.  Has the basic items you might need to fix cuts, scrapes and blisters on the trail.  Cadettes worked through almost all of the Red Cross first aid requirements, including some practice with bandages, treating shock and how to approach someone who needs help.  We had a Red Cross certified trainer (and alumni leader) do a fabulous job with our older girls.   A quick call to the local fire department and we had four fire fighters show up to chat with the girls about what they were learning and careers as First Responders.  It was actually a very quick visit, as the guys got a call after about 10 minutes, but that made it exciting.  We only have one female fire fighter in our small town and she has done a lot to help the Girl Scouts, but was not available on this day.

The total time of the workshop was 2 hours.  Probably could have used about 2.5 hours for the Cadettes, their badge has a little more content than the others, but overall that was a good amount of time.  I have to say a huge thanks to the leaders that ran each level.  We had a very good arrangement that worked both for me and for them.  I needed great teachers who worked well with the kids and I was willing to handle all of the logistics of getting the event advertised, registered and purchase any needed items.  This way I could take care of my part and did not have to worry about the actual “teaching” program for any of the badge levels.  The teachers only had to review their material, send me their shopping list for items needed, and then prepare a few printed materials that they used in each level.  I love logistics and they love the teaching.  It worked really well for everyone.

I pre-purchased the badges for all of the registered girls, with a few extras.  I knew I would have to return some of the badges for those who did not show up, but that’s part of the process.  The parents were really grateful to have this program for their daughters.  The leaders loved that they had a badge opportunity that they did not have to plan.  And the girls had a great time.  Definitely worth the effort and a great way to use the talents of those leaders who love to teach.

Looking forward to our next workshop!