We all know how important the snack is to the success of a meeting (wink)!  Creating a snack calendar at the beginning of the year is very important for your sanity (and your wallet).  Here’s a free PDF Snack Calendar that is editable in Adobe Acrobat.  You can enter the meeting dates, then print the schedule and bring to the first meeting.  Have your parents fill in their name on the chosen date.  Take this home and enter all the girls/parents names on your PDF and either print or email to the families so they all have the schedule.   

Another way is to ASSIGN the dates to the families and then let them do a switch with the other parents if they cannot bring snack on that day.  Depends on your style of troop family management.  You decide the way that will work best for your troop.   




This snack calendar coordinates with a set of printable organizers I have created and sell on Etsy (shameless plug here) that might be useful for leaders who are starting out (or seasoned leaders that just want to get everything in one place).  I put all my planners in a binder and handwrite the info into the planners.  If you are digital girl, then these might not be the best for you, but I find that I can combine the two pretty well.  Some of the PDF’s have editable fields, but most are intended to be used in the binder at meetings.   When I am at a meeting with the girls, I don’t pull out my computer to track their badge achievements, I either ask a parent or co-leader to do this in the binder (for Daisy & Brownie level) or ask the girls to take care of this on their own (Cadettes and older).  They turn to the page in the binder with their name and enter the date that the badge requirement was completed.  It’s their responsibility to enter the dates if they completed something at home.  This binder comes with me to troop meetings and to Service Unit Meetings, so it’s all in one place.  Keeps me organized.  

How do you keep yourself organized?  Digital or paper, what’s your preference?