If you are on any email list within Girl Scouts, you have probably heard about the new campaign for “Ban Bossy”  (www.banbossy.org), which is a partnership with Leanin.org and the Girl Scouts.  I love the concept, the materials are really good and I took pieces of it and used the exercises and discussions with the girls as we worked with badges and other troop planning during last year.   Before this, I did not know much about Lean In (both the book and organization) that was founded by Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg.   A while ago, I received an email about a new collection of royalty free images with istockphoto.com called the “Lean In Collection” that is being curated by Getty Images “to offer a better, stronger view of women in the hopes that others will do the same in their campaigns and creative projects.”  These are real, authentic women (hopefully not airbrushed, or altered with photoshop).

I love that there will be a resource for creative agencies to show women in roles that they may not traditionally be seen in.  And for girls, the whole “if she can see it, she can be it” is completely true.  Maybe we’ll see more print campaigns and TV commercials showing women in authentic roles.   I am thinking that we need to have a collection of photos of authentic women in our own little town.  Maybe this would be a great project for a Silver or Gold award?  Just thinking off the top of my head…

Lego just announced that they will be creating a set of female lego scientists for their next character set.  Did you know that girls can go on adventures and discover things too?  Wow!  (big grin).  Definitely a step in the right direction.  Don’t get me wrong, fashion and shopping are still perfectly acceptable activities for a girl, but they can also be a scientist and a fashionista at the same time, right? (Those lab coats really could use a re-design, am I right?).

Here’s a great role model for your girls to read about:  Entrepreneur and engineer Ayah Bdeir is the mastermind behind “Little Bits”, small little electronic modules that snap together to make a circuit that does something.  She calls them “Legos for the ipad generation”.  Check it out, you might just want a set for yourself (I know I do!). Check out Ayah’s story here:  LittleBits.cc

Who are the Positive and Powerful Women in your life?  Share with us and we’ll get a great list going.