I am currently talking with a new leader who is starting her Daisy troop this year and I can remember that feeling of being so excited, but really overwhelmed because their was so much to learn.  As we get ready to jump into a new year with our troops, it’s time to get organized and get ready to delegate.  Yes, delegate.  “But nobody does it as well as I can” you say.  “I want to make sure we do it right” you say.  “Last time I asked her to help, she dropped the ball” you say.  Ah, the famous last words of the lonely leader. This was posted on GreenBlood News (a yahoo group – highly recommend you join):


I promise to keep my volunteer hours in check,
to keep my spirit and my family first and,
to make sure I ask for help when I start to feel overwhelmed.

I vow to compare myself to no one –
my time and contributions are my own special gift and,
to feel proud that I can do what I do.

I vow to compare no one to myself,
to recognize everyone gives their best of their time and abilities,
to always remember it is the pieces that make the whole.

I pledge to accept less than perfect,
to always remember I am a volunteer and,
to celebrate the joy in making a difference.

Start your year off with a pledge to include more adults in the workings of your troop.  The two main roles that a leader should never be in charge of are Treasurer and Product Sales.  You should absolutely get other parents to help you in these roles.  Doesn’t mean that you don’t attend the trainings, or understand how it all works, but delegate these two critical troop roles to another parent.  Then keep what you enjoy the most and ask other parents to help out.  Can’t attend SU meetings?  Get another parent to take on this role for the troop and provide you with notes.  No time to be First Aid/CPR certified?  Get another adult to take this training and commit to being on the outings and meetings with you.  Does planning for Thinking Day make you crazy?  Ask a parent to take on the planning for this one important event.   Here is a list of troop activities that are great for other parents to help with:

  • Nut/Candy Product Sales Manager
  • Cookie Sales Manager
  • Treasurer
  • Thinking Day Coordinator
  • Snack Coordinator
  • Outdoor Camping Certification
  • First Aid Certification
  • Badge Specific teachers (learn the talents of your parents).
  • Field Trip planner/research
  • Registration Helper (getting all the forms completed from each family at the beginning of the year).

Note:  Don’t forget that any parent helping with the troop needs to be registered and volunteer screened. If you can delegate the parts of troop planning that you enjoy the least, then all your time is spent on the things that are fun for you.  Everyone wins, especially the girls, because that means you’ll be back again each year to guide them in Girl Scouts.