It’s the holiday season, what are you buying for your girl?  Let’s spark some interest in science (it’s cool to be a science geek, by the way).  How about some GoldieBlox?  This is great.  Take a look:

Here are some other gift ideas that will spark their imagination.  If you are looking for a great place to find STEM gifts, my first go-to spot is the, brought to you by the brilliant minds at MAKE magazine.

My favorites:

BrushBots, $19.99 The BrushBot uses the head of a toothbrush as its body and the bristles as its legs. The hundreds of nylon hairs twitch and vibrate to make the “bot” bounce along like a nervous little insect.  Great beginner kit for working with basic electronics.
The 6-in-1 Educational Solar Robotic Kit, $19.99.  While not a very creative name, this looks like a great beginner building kit designed to teach how solar power can be used to drive a small motor. Kids use the 21 snap-together parts (no tools required) to build six different working models: an air-boat, car, windmill, puppy, and two different airplanes.
Is your daughter a crafting goddess (or maybe you are?):
Fashioning Technology, book $29.99.  Add electronic lights to add some flair to your fashion.  This introductory DIY book shows how to use “smart” materials, unorthodox assembly techniques and the right tools to create accessories, housewares and toys that light up, make sounds, and more.
Maybe you made one of these at camp?  Well, all the cutting is done for you on this one, assemble and let the games begin!!
Marshmallow Shooter (2-pack) $19.99.  Assembles quickly and easily so you and a friend can start firing as fast as possible. Instructions are included, but you’ll have to bring your own ammo.
SpinBot Kit, $24.99
If you remember spirograph, you will love this updated version.  You build a triple-armed, pen- or chalk-grasping “robot” that spins in circles and draws elaborate geometric shapes while you watch.
This is a total splurge, but who doesn’t need cat ears that are controlled by your brain?   Necomimi – Brainwave Controlled Cat Ears, $69.99.  I have no idea if they actually work, but it would be so much fun to try!

I will keep looking for good suggestions and add them to this list. Do you have any great go-to sites for fun science or engineering toys for girls?