If you are just starting out the year with your troop, you might want to use a fun page of questions to get to know the girls.  It is also VERY fun to keep these for a few years and then show the girls how much they have changed.  I am working with my Cadettes this year to keep a Girl Scout Journal, that will keep track of their GS “resume” (awards earned, community service, etc.) and also what their dreams and goals are for the future.

I saw a questionnaire like this for teachers to use on the first day of school to get to know their students and thought it would be a great addition for a troop leader to use.  If you have new girls joining your troop, it’s a great way to get to know them.

This is free to download and use for your troop.  If you think of other questions that should be included, or maybe questions that would be best for each age level, let me know and I will make up some new ones for younger girls.

TroopGuide_AllAboutMe (PDF)