We have a lighted parade in our town every Fall to celebrate the Harvest.  This is such a fun parade and we have had so much fun building our floats.  So much more fun than sitting in the hot sun during our 4th of July parade!  While it is a little more work (OK, it’s a lot more work) to build a lighted float, it still is a great way to share Girl Scouting.

If you do a google search for lighted parades, you’ll find a ton of holiday (Christmas) ideas, but very little for other themes.  I had seen someone at another parade use pool noodles to make these huge flowers and thought they would look amazing with little lights added.  Since it is so late in the year, I couldn’t find pool noodles, but they did have pipe insulation at the hardware store that worked perfectly.  Take each piece of pipe insulation and make a big loop and secure with a zip tie, then zip tie each of the loops together on the side until you have 6 loops secured together.  You need 10 feet of lights for each loop.  Walmart has single color light strings at 20′ each, so three strings linked together covered the entire flower.  Bunch a small string of white lights in the middle for the flower center.  Then you need to attach a support going up and down and a cross bar as well.  Wood worked great here, because we were then able to screw them into the sides of the trailer.


Get a small generator to go on your trailer and LOTS of extension cords and link everything up.   Purchase a large container of zip ties of various sizes, you will need a lot!


We added rope lights around the sides of the trailer and up over the arch.  We have a portable music speak, so we brought the iPad and played Melinda Caroll’s “Ignite Girl Scouts” song as we went along the parade route.   A super fun night!