Most of you know that our founder, Juliette Gordon Low was born on October 31st (Halloween), so it is an extra special day in Girl Scouts.  This month our troop hosted what we call a “Scout Shout”, a monthly meeting where all the girl scouts in our area get together for a fun activity.  Since we hosted on October 29th, this was the perfect opportunity to work on our “Girl Scout Way” badge for most of the girls.  We held a wide game that centered around celebrating Juliette’s birthday.  Look in the Junior Girl’s Guide for a sample of a wide game listed in the badge sheet for Girl Scout Way.  We used several of these stations and modified them a bit to accommodate our location.

I just had to share my little pumpkin carved in honor of Girl Scouting.  I was going to carve the trefoil, but then realized I would have a really large hole in the middle of the pumpkin (that would not look so good!), so went for the GS logo with the smaller trefoil in the corner.

The girls started with a craft (a Halloween craft, in honor of Juliette’s birthday), then went on to a station where they had to act out a character.  The next station had a quick introduction to using a compass and then on to the “learn how to fold a flag” station.  Our final station was our “campfire” where the girl’s learned how they would greet a Girl Scout from another country and sang some traditional songs.  (I will share how we made our own “fake campfire” in another post).

And of course, Juliette had to make an appearance.  Here she is with Rapunzel.  I have to give credit for the costume to a good friend from another town who has collected tons of Vintage Girl Scout uniforms and paraphernalia.  She put together this great costume and I have borrowed it a few times.

What amazes me about Juliette is that she didn’t start the Girl Scouts until she was well into her 40’s.  Love the example that sets for all us adults too!  Happy Birthday Juliette!