Welcome to “Is there a badge for this?”  If you are a scout leader, then you’ve heard that mentioned at probably every meeting.   I am a Girl Scout leader (or now that the girls are older, I prefer “advisor”) to a troop of 4th grade girls.  We’ve been together since 1st grade and I feel like I am finally getting to the next level of what makes this organization so amazing.  When you start as a leader, there is just SO much to absorb and learn, that it can be a bit overwhelming.  My first year as a leader was a ton of trial and error.  They were just introducing the new Journey program, so I don’t even think that the staff had a handle on how it all worked.  I really felt like I had to figure it out on my own.  Yes, there is tons of online training, lots of great information in the guides, but what I really needed was a mentor.  One that would remind me about upcoming events, help me plan ahead, keep me and the girls on track toward our goals.  Heck, even helping us set some goals!  I needed someone that would just “check in” and see if I was doing OK.

I was a motivated leader, I had been in Girl Scouts from Brownies all the way thru Cadettes as a girl, so I was already one of the believers.  I already knew this organization offered an amazing experience and was willing to work through any roadblocks because I knew how much this program offered to girls.  But what about the new leaders that don’t have that motivation?

After my first year, I made a vow that I would not let any other new leaders feel unsupported, or left to learn on their own, without some help from more experienced leaders.  I stepped into the role of recruitment coordinator and realized that we did not have to recruit GIRLS to join Girl Scouts, we had to recruit LEADERS!  Plenty of girls if you offer the program, but how can you have a program without adults to guide them.

So here we are with a blog that will hopefully share some ideas, some motivation, get you jump started when you are stuck, and help you become a better leader (or advisor, your choice) of girls, who desperately need a group that they can call home.   Please, please send me emails when you have a question or idea.  I will gladly share with the rest of you.   I’ll do my best to make sure the blog categories are pertinent and make it easy to find the specific info that you need.  I am not here to replace your staff person, they are the most giving people I know (and work the most horrible hours), but when it is midnight and you just need some ideas, come on over and we’ll see if we can help you out.   This is a casual place where we are going to hash out some good ideas, try to get rid of the ones that didn’t work, and travel on this journey together.  I can’t wait to meet you….