Resources for hikes and camping

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Found a great website/newsletter resource for California troop leaders called   Choose either Northern California or Southern California regions and you’ll receive a weekly newsletter with hiking/camping/etc ideas for your area.  Found some great hikes that are just the right length to take a troop of girls out for a day trip and I am also discovering some other ideas that may turn into great overnights.

We spent the day on the Sonoma Coast and it was perfect weather.  While our intended “loop” turned out to be a bit of misdirection on their leaders part (that would be me), we still had a good hike for about 2 hours and then headed into the town for a pizza lunch.  This was the perfect length of time for busy high school girls.  Left the house at 9am and were home by 2pm-ish.  Still plenty of time for other activities (homework) in the afternoon.

While we do plan a few overnight camping trips (mostly during the summer and fall), the rest of the year has become so busy for my troop of older girls that it is hard to get them all together for an activity.  Sometimes we have two carloads of girls and other times just one, but what I have found is that we can’t wait for everyone to be available.  Plan an outing, get it on your calendar, and then go!  Scheduling some of these shorter “half-day” type outings makes it a little easier for the girls to plan around homework and other activities.

Another resource that I am currently looking at (but have not yet actually used) is  This gives you some alternative camping options, many of which are on private land (and depending on the amenities, can be a little pricey), but they also include most of the regional and state campgrounds as well.  Especially if you live in an area where all of the state and national park campgrounds fill up fast during the summer, this can be a great resource to find a hidden spot that might become your new favorite campground.

Let me know if you have an inspiring online source for outdoor ideas and we’ll start a list for outdoor opportunities.


Inspirational Documentaries for Girl Scouts

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I’ve been binge watching documentaries on Netflix lately and almost every time I think “I should have the girls watch this!”  I think most of these are really only appropriate for Cadettes and older, but you may feel differently after you view.  I think that girls need to be in at least 6th grade to really begin having a sense of a “larger world” that is beyond their little town, but you might have younger girls that are ready for these concepts.

Living on One Dollar.  Four Americans travel to rural Guatemala where they plan to live on one dollar a day to experience extreme poverty for 30 days.  What touched me is how the community that they stayed in really embraced them as friends.

Salam Neighbor.   From the same guys that made Living on One Dollar, they spend 30 days in a Syrian Refugee Camp.  Absolutely eye-opening and brings humanity to the people who have been forced out of Syria.  You begin to understand that these are people that just want to work, to provide for their families, and to educate their children.  Just like you do.

The True Cost.  About how the clothing industry has been affected by the “fast fashion” chains that have super cheap clothing and styles that change every month.  Should open the eyes of the little fashionistas in your troop.  Hey, I love a good discount, but its important to know that it comes at a price.

He Named me Malala.  A look at the events leading up to the Taliban’s attack on Pakistani schoolgirl, Malala Yousafzai, for speaking out on girls’ education followed by the aftermath, including her speech to the United Nations.

Girl Rising.  I took my girls to this when they were Cadettes.  It does deal with some sensitive issues, but in a very respectful way.  There is an entire curriculum supporting this movie, so if your girls are interested in learning about the importance of education for girls around the world, this is the movie for them.

Starfish Throwers.  Showcases 3 people (including one young teen girl) and  what they are doing to end hunger in the world.

Miss Representation.  An older one (2011) but so pertinent after the recent Women’s March.  Explores the under-representation of women in positions of power and influence in America.

Print the Legend.  All about the birth of 3D printing and where the industry is now.  For the geeky of us out there.

Abstract – The Art of Design.  If you have creative girls, this will give them a glimpse into the lives of Design Icons and what inspires them.  Series of 6 one-hour documentaries.  Some are better told than others.  The first one about Christoph Neimann is really fun visually. (A great video to watch in conjunction with the Comic Artist badge for Cadettes).

For the documentaries that showcase other countries, and often times poor living conditions, it can sometimes be a stretch for the girls to really comprehend what they are seeing.  But empathy comes from education and with education comes good decisions.  Look at it as planting seeds of information that may one day inspire them.  Don’t expect lots of discussion after viewing from everyone.  Some of the topics are uncomfortable and girls are not quite ready to process, especially if it is asking them to change the way they view the world (or in the case of the “The True Cost” asking them to change the way they shop).  Remind them that this is not to make them feel guilty, but more informed, so that as they become the decision makers in the world, they have the full picture.

Let me know if you have watched any of the above documentaries and what you think about them.  Any other suggestions that you think are great for girls to view?


Badge Workshop – First Aid

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Wow, this worked out even better than I could have planned.  We hosted our first badge workshop the girls had a great time!  I promised that I would share the nuts & bolts of the event so you can replicate this in your area too.

Recall that this was to be our “Rally Troop” meeting as well as a badge workshop.  While we had a few girls come to the workshop that were looking for a troop, we actually had been able to connect most girls into a troop before the event, so that part is actually very good.  We had girls divided into three groups to earn their First Aid badge.  Cadettes, Juniors, and Brownies.  We had planned to have Daisies, but we have new leaders with a Daisy troop and they opted to earn the petals in their troop meetings.  Will have to rethink our idea to host Daisy scouts at the Badge Workshops, might have to change our program plan for them.

For the other three groups, it was a great success.  The Brownies worked on learning about how and when to call 911.  They also put together a First Aid kit for us to keep at our Badge Workshops.  Juniors made very cute “altoid tin” first aid kits that they can toss in their backpacks when they go on a hike.  Has the basic items you might need to fix cuts, scrapes and blisters on the trail.  Cadettes worked through almost all of the Red Cross first aid requirements, including some practice with bandages, treating shock and how to approach someone who needs help.  We had a Red Cross certified trainer (and alumni leader) do a fabulous job with our older girls.   A quick call to the local fire department and we had four fire fighters show up to chat with the girls about what they were learning and careers as First Responders.  It was actually a very quick visit, as the guys got a call after about 10 minutes, but that made it exciting.  We only have one female fire fighter in our small town and she has done a lot to help the Girl Scouts, but was not available on this day.

The total time of the workshop was 2 hours.  Probably could have used about 2.5 hours for the Cadettes, their badge has a little more content than the others, but overall that was a good amount of time.  I have to say a huge thanks to the leaders that ran each level.  We had a very good arrangement that worked both for me and for them.  I needed great teachers who worked well with the kids and I was willing to handle all of the logistics of getting the event advertised, registered and purchase any needed items.  This way I could take care of my part and did not have to worry about the actual “teaching” program for any of the badge levels.  The teachers only had to review their material, send me their shopping list for items needed, and then prepare a few printed materials that they used in each level.  I love logistics and they love the teaching.  It worked really well for everyone.

I pre-purchased the badges for all of the registered girls, with a few extras.  I knew I would have to return some of the badges for those who did not show up, but that’s part of the process.  The parents were really grateful to have this program for their daughters.  The leaders loved that they had a badge opportunity that they did not have to plan.  And the girls had a great time.  Definitely worth the effort and a great way to use the talents of those leaders who love to teach.

Looking forward to our next workshop!


Rally Troop: multi-age troop for all GS Levels

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If you are involved in recruiting for your service unit, then you know how frustrating it is to have a list of girls looking for a troop and no leaders available to start a new troop.  It breaks my heart.  So this year I finally decided to do something about it.  When we have new girls interested in joining, we will first try to find a traditional troop for them to join, but if none exists, or they are too full, then we’ll invite them to join the “Rally Troop”.  We’ll have gatherings once per month so the girls will at least have the experience of attending a meeting monthly, plus they will be invited to all of our SU events (and be connected to the council with their events as well.)

Now don’t forget that I still have my troop of 12 Seniors (all freshman in high school), and you’ll hear more about them later, but this is specifically for K-8th grade girls.  What I am hoping is that troops will form out of the groups that meet for the Rally Troop once the families see how much fun we are having (and hopefully we’ll have a chance to do some adult coaching too.)  If each age group has an adult that can coordinate an outing or field trip each month, then the girls will be getting a full GS experience.

I needed a location , leaders to help with each level, and a cookie mom and treasurer to help run the Rally Troop.  I will coordinate all of the administrative stuff for the Rally troop girls (registration, email communications, etc.)

A local school donated their multi-purpose room space for us to meet on Sunday Afternoons for two hours.  Luckily 3 generous women stepped up to help me create a plan for the badge workshops.  Cookie Mom and Treasurer – still looking for those lucky volunteers. 🙂

Read below to see how this is going to work.  (In my mind this will be successful, but I will be sure to share the actual outcome in another month!)

badge_juniorgswayBadge Workshops for 4 of the months
We are going to host 4 of the meetings as “Badge Workshops” and we’ll invite all current GS members (in our town) to attend as well if they want to earn the badge too.  This will make sure that we have a good number of girls in each level.  We’ll break the girls out into GS levels, and work on the badge appropriate to their level.  Girls will do an opening and closing together, and break up to work on their badge requirements.   Girls who are currently in a troop will pay $5 to cover the cost of the badge and the materials to attend the Badge Workshop.  The girls in the Rally Troop will be invited for free (they will be doing cookie sales together later this year to fund their workshops)

badge_dancerBadge Workshop Topics
The 4 leaders met together and decided to coordinate the badge topics so we could somewhat share resources and have a theme.  The Daisy level will be working on 2-3 petals at each meeting, but joining in when we do a group activity.  Many of the Brownie and Junior activities will tie in perfectly with their petal requirements too.  (Trust me, there will be a little flexibility on the petal requirements, you sometimes have to be a bit creative)

  • First Aid Badges – all levels (Daisies can incorporate Friendly & Helpful, Responsible for What I Say and Do, Courageous and Strong Petals, etc.).  We’ll be inviting First Responders to come and do a show & tell; inviting an EMT, Nurse, or other experienced first aider to help each level, girls will put together first aid kits, etc.
  • Performance Arts Badges (Brownie: Dancer; Junior: Music; Cadette: Public Speaking). Goal is to also do an investiture/rededication ceremony at this meeting too (a great opportunity for the Cadettes to practice with their public speaking!)
  • Artist Badges (Brownie: Painter; Junior: Drawing; Cadette: Comic Artist).  Should be a fun and messy meeting!badge_juniordrawing
  • Girl Scout Way Badges – all levels.  Here is where we’ll teach some traditional songs, prepare some skits for our upcoming campfire, and prepare for our bridging ceremony the next month.

Other Meetings throughout the year
We have a few all-scouts meetings that we do every year.  The Rally Scouts will be included in these events as well, helping to round out the full year of activities:

  • Cookie Rally (right before cookie season)
  • World Thinking Day Celebration – all the other troops will be hosting booths.  Our brand new Rally girls will be invited to attend as participants.
  • All Scout Campfire – where they will perform those songs and skits prepared during the Girl Scout Way Badge workshop.
  • Court of Honor and Bridging Ceremony.  Finish out the year with a bridging celebration and a Court of Honor to celebrate the girls achievements and the wonderful contributions of our volunteers.

What about the Senior and Ambassador Girls?
We have a very “top heavy” service unit, meaning we have more older girls than younger girls currently.  That’s a great problem to have when you need helpers at Badge Workshops, right?  Our Senior and Ambassador girls are invited to attend and we’ll put them to work as teachers, mentors, song leaders, flag ceremony teachers, etc.  Having a troop of Senior girls myself, I know the minimal availability of their time, and how many other activities pull them from scouting.  I wanted these Sunday afternoon workshops to be optional for them.  Show up and we’ll put your leadership to work, but if you have too much homework, that should come first.  While it would be great to have this as a “girl led” program, sometimes necessity has to take over and we need the adults to do the behind-the-scenes prep work for the workshops, then invite the older girls to attend if they have the time.  Most of them have earned these badges and will be able to easily jump in as helpers.

So that’s the plan!  We are blessed to have some very courageous leaders that have volunteered to help with this program.  One of the leaders even said that she grew up in a multi-age troop and loved it!  So we’ll see, this may be a means to an end (getting new troops started) or it may be the beginning of brand new multi-age troop.  I promise to report back after the first meeting and share all the details in case you want to try the same thing in your service unit.

Badge Tracker for all GS Levels


Part of my leader tracking/planning binder includes a Badge Tracker.  This Free PDF includes all of the levels from Daisy through Ambassador, print multiple copies of each page for the number of girls in your troop.  Keep them in a binder and track their accomplishments during the year.  Newly updated to include the NEW 2015 Outdoor badges, this is a must for all Leaders.  Also includes the GS Resume page for girls to keep track of their other accomplishments each year.  Note that this is NOT a fillable PDF, it is intended to print and then fill in manually in a binder.  I keep this in my troop binder, along with the rest of my planner and carry it with me to troop meetings and SU meetings, updating as needed.  As the girls get older, you can let them keep track of their own badge accomplishments and have you “sign off” when they are completed.

If you like the “Owl and Tree” design and want the other parts of my bindery system (Meeting Planner, Camping Planner, Product Sales Tracker, etc), they are available at my etsy store:  SonomaStudio

Leave me a comment if you would like this tracker with another design style, or if you have an idea for another type of planner/tracker that would help you as a leader!

DOWNLOAD PDF:  TroopGuide_BadgeTracker2015: Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, Ambassador

Badge_Cad-Amb Badge_CadetteOnly Badge_Daisy-Junior

Day Camp Theme: Super Scouts

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I know I do a ton of searching online for camp theme ideas when we begin planning our day camp, so I thought I would share what we did this year and maybe inspire some other camps to try this theme next summer.

Super Scouts:  Using our Girl Scout powers to be every day heroes who make the world a better place.  We wanted this to be about girl empowerment, not commercial super heroes, so we specifically emphasized that our focus would be on finding your OWN super power, such as kindness, encouragement, empathy, courage, enthusiasm, leadership, etc.  No laser beam bolts of lightning coming out of your eyes and definitely no guns or weapons.  This was all about finding your special strength and celebrating that this is what makes you unique.  Probably one of our best themes, and the adults got into it just as much as the girls!


Each girl made a cape and was able to decorate it with fabric makers and felt shapes.  We used the disposable fabric called “Smart-Fab” from  This is basically interfacing in a variety of colors, and you can cut any shape, no fraying edges, and it’s very lightweight (good on a hot day).  Instead of adding either ties or velcro closure around the neck, we decided to just safety pin the corners to the girls should through her t-shirt.  Much more comfortable and no risk of the choking hazard if the cape gets caught on something.

Camp2015- CapeSample

I purchased all of our graphics on Dreamstime, a very reasonable stock photography/illustration site.  We used the girl image for our flyer , website header, and patch design.  She is not overly “endowed” like many superhero illustrations and was perfect to modify for our uses.   Then I purchased some of the comic “sound effect” bubbles and added our own text words to the images, reproduced them on indoor poster stock with grommets and hung these around camp.  See images below.  These will be great to use for our recruiting events this Fall too.  I included a link to a PDF of each poster that has “Courage”, “Confidence” and “Character” printed on them (these are about 36″ wide x 22″ tall) in case you want to print your own.

Poster_Character Poster_ConfidencePoster_CouragePoster_Character

On Tues, Wed and Thurs mornings, we invited some everyday super heroes to our morning flag ceremony.  I tried to find some female role models in non-traditional service careers and found an Army Sergeant at our local recruiting office, a CHP Officer, and two fire fighters, one career and one volunteer.  I loved that we were able to showcase the volunteer firefighter by saying that she was a restaurant owner by day and her “alter ego” was as a firefighter by night!  There are lots of other careers that you can showcase who serve the community, but I was really looking for roles that most girls don’t even consider when thinking about careers.  Just want them to know that anything is possible!  It was actually the older CIT’s (our high school girls) that came up to me after meeting our super hero visitors and said “that was cool”!  If they thought it was cool, then it was totally worth it.

Female CHP officer visiting our Day Camp, one of our everyday “super heroes”.

Activities were pretty traditional for camp this year, trying to get back to the “skills” that girls should be learning when they come to camp: Archery, Knots & Lashing, Arts & Crafts, Newsletter, Performing Arts (skits), Woodworking, Fun with Foods, and Rocket Science (more on this one in another post).  Everyone went to Archery and Arts & Crafts, then the girls were allowed to choose two additional camptivities to add to their schedule.  I highly recommend (if you can get your program choices completed ahead of time) to have the girls choose their camptivities choices during registration.  I spent many hours on Monday night trying to assign girls to their top choices and keep everything balanced.  Quite a challenge.

Sharpie tie-dye on white tennis shoes in Arts & Crafts

Sharpie tie-dye on white tennis shoes in Arts & Crafts

What else can I share about camp?  Come up with some fun Super Hero themed cheers, and modify some of your songs to meet the theme as well.  We challenged our CIT’s to come up with new songs and games that were super hero themed for them to teach the girls.  They did an amazing job!   If you have more questions, or want further detail on how we organize our day camp, we would be happy to share with anyone else wanting to start a Girl Scout Day Camp.  I have 5 years worth of experience with fine tuning our planning calendar so that everything gets done in about 7 months time.  So the time to start planning for Summer 2016 is now!

If you want to see more about how our camp is organized, you can see our “prezi” training for new volunteers here:  Sonoma Day Camp New Volunteer Online Training.

Comment or contact me if you have any questions, we’d love to share everything that we have learned about running a day camp over the last 5 years.


What type of lab tests are they running at the Girl Scout Research Institute?

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Did you know that the Girl Scouts have their own Research Institute? While it sounds like they might conduct experiments on girl test subjects, it is actually an amazing resource of information for leaders, parents and girls. They do their own national studies, and also use information from other sources to synthesize findings about anything related to the healthy development of girls.

All the publications are available for free as PDF downloads, or you can sometimes order printed copies from the GSUSA store. This has been a valuable resource when I am creating a presentation about Girl Scouts or needing information for grant applications. The latest paper is Running for a Change: Girls and Politics Pulse Poll.  This paper polled girls about their ambitions, interests and ideas regarding the differences for men and women in politics.  Looking at any other GSI research paper, you’ll find that girls absolutely think that they can lead, have the skills and ability to lead, are good negotiators, and have the confidence to express their own opinions.  Sadly, when asked if they “would have to work harder than a man to be successful in politics”, 74% of the girls agreed.  When asked if they are smart enough to have a career in politics, 84% said “yes” (way to go girls!), but only 32% said that society encourages girls to consider a career in politics.  Don’t you sometimes look at the politicians and think “who would put themselves through that just to be in office?”.  The truth is that we NEED women in politics. We need our voice to be represented, we need the female negotiation skills and we need to encourage our girls to consider this very noble career choice.

womeninpoliticsI just finished watching an episode of Makers on PBS that was all about women in politics.  It was eye opening to hear about the women who have paved the way for a new generation of female leaders in government.  The challenges that they faced were enormous, the bias and sexism was appalling, but through all of this we see how women are willing to negotiate, put aside the posturing and get the job done.  It was inspiring to hear that it was the women of the Senate that were instrumental in bringing an end to the Government Shutdown in 2013 when a group of bipartisan women came together and lead the discussions to compromise that reopened the government.   We raise our boys to be strong, hold firm, and “stick to their guns”, so it is no surprise when the women are the ones willing to get real and begin the negotiations.

Women have a valuable voice and we need to encourage our girls to consider their role as part of the decision making engine that runs our country.  Our girls are now growing up in a world where they know they can do anything.  A few years ago, while doing the AMUSE journey, we put out a list of career choices at a troop meeting and asked the girls to define which ones are for boys and which ones are for girls.  I was so pleasantly surprised when the girls listed astronaut, firefighter, police officer, construction worker, business owner, etc. under the “both” category.  They no longer see gender bias on the career that they can choose, so we have come a long way in just one generation.  Let’s keep them on this path and encourage them to pursue careers where they really can “change the world”.

For a full list of publications available from the Girl Scout Research Institute, visit the GSUSA web page here.

When do adults stop believing in their creativity?

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Take a look at this sweet video from the folks at Brit+Co.  They inspire creativity for women with tutorials, projects and an online store.  If you work with a troop of girls, then you know that they are all amazing artists and always believe that their art should receive top billing on the refrigerator art gallery.  When do we stop thinking of ourselves as creative?  Maybe you still do think you are creative (a lot of scout leaders are), but when was the last time you did something creative just for YOU?

I spend easily spend a lot of time on Pinterest.  I love looking at ideas, and can get easily sucked in to spending an hour just browsing and pinning.  I even have a board named “Stuff I want to make”.  What I don’t have is a board called “Stuff I made”.  That’s sad.  I need to stop pinning and start doing!  In case you need some additional inspiration for your own creativity (well OK, you can look for ideas for your troop too), here’s some fun sites that I like to visit:

Instructables:  DIY How to Make Instructions

Craftsy: Learn it. Make It.

Craftster:  No Tea Cozies without irony.  Amazing community of crafters willing to share their ideas.

CraftGawker:  Curated photo gallery of handmade arts & crafts.

Brit & Co:  Educating, Inspiring and Supporting Makers.

MakeZine:  If your taste runs more towards robotics, electronics, rocketry, woodworking, this site is for you.

Have fun exploring, but don’t forget to take time for yourself and just create.  And next time the girls are working with paint and glue, get in there with them.  Girl Led does not mean that the girls get to have all the fun!  Be a fun example for the girls to always think of themselves as an artist.   Leave a comment if there are any other fun sites that you visit for creative inspiration.

What would you write to your daughter?

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Girl Scout Camp 1923

I came across a letter written by author F. Scott Fitzgerald while getting my fix of blog reading this morning.  (By the way, I traveled to Morocco, Dubai, and Mississippi during my half hour of reading).  One of the blogs linked to this letter, perfect for us to share here because it was written by Fitzgerald to his daughter “Scottie” while she was away at camp.  I am not sure what kind of camp it was, be he refers to her reading in French.  We don’t teach french at our camps.  never will.  just sayin.  We also don’t have a library with Shakespeare.  but I am not opposed to that idea.

It made me think about what I would write to my daughter when she was away at camp.  Truly nothing quite so inspiring as what F. Scott wrote (can I call him F. Scott? Or is that impertinent?) Since I am not a famous author, I won’t hold myself to his standards, but this letter is truly a work of art (and full of love for his daughter).  I love this letter.  It speaks volumes about their relationship.

Well, you read and let me know what you think:

La Paix, Rodgers’ Forge
Towson, Maryland

August 8, 1933

Dear Pie:

I feel very strongly about you doing duty. Would you give me a little more documentation about your reading in French? I am glad you are happy — but I never believe much in happiness. I never believe in misery either. Those are things you see on the stage or the screen or the printed pages, they never really happen to you in life.

All I believe in in life is the rewards for virtue (according to your talents) and the punishments for not fulfilling your duties, which are doubly costly. If there is such a volume in the camp library, will you ask Mrs. Tyson to let you look up a sonnet of Shakespeare’s in which the line occurs “Lillies that fester smell far worse than weeds.”

Have had no thoughts today, life seems composed of getting up aSaturday Evening Post story. I think of you, and always pleasantly; but if you call me “Pappy” again I am going to take the White Cat out and beat his bottom hard, six times for every time you are impertinent. Do you react to that?

I will arrange the camp bill.

Halfwit, I will conclude.

Things to worry about:

Worry about courage
Worry about Cleanliness
Worry about efficiency
Worry about horsemanship
Worry about. . .

Things not to worry about:

Don’t worry about popular opinion
Don’t worry about dolls
Don’t worry about the past
Don’t worry about the future
Don’t worry about growing up
Don’t worry about anybody getting ahead of you
Don’t worry about triumph
Don’t worry about failure unless it comes through your own fault
Don’t worry about mosquitoes
Don’t worry about flies
Don’t worry about insects in general
Don’t worry about parents
Don’t worry about boys
Don’t worry about disappointments
Don’t worry about pleasures
Don’t worry about satisfactions

Things to think about:

What am I really aiming at?
How good am I really in comparison to my contemporaries in regard to:

(a) Scholarship
(b) Do I really understand about people and am I able to get along with them?
(c) Am I trying to make my body a useful instrument or am I neglecting it?

With dearest love,


P.S. My come-back to your calling me Pappy is christening you by the word Egg, which implies that you belong to a very rudimentary state of life and that I could break you up and crack you open at my will and I think it would be a word that would hang on if I ever told it to your contemporaries. “Egg Fitzgerald.” How would you like that to go through life with — “Eggie Fitzgerald” or “Bad Egg Fitzgerald” or any form that might occur to fertile minds? Try it once more and I swear to God I will hang it on you and it will be up to you to shake it off. Why borrow trouble?

Love anyhow.

 Post inspired by:  Letters of Note

If your house is messy, you are probably a Scout Leader…

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You’re a Girl Scout leader, and I know that you have WAY better things to do than spend time cleaning the house.  Not to mention that you also probably have BINS of scout supplies creeping into every room of your house.   Relax, my Girl Scout warriors, these are signs of someone who spends their time with value, with caring for their own family and for those beyond their doors, someone who has a passion for our future leaders and someone who probably cares about the state of the world, choosing to fight for better opportunities for those in their very own community.  So display your dust-bunnies with pride, there will be plenty of time to clean when the kids are on their own.

I have a neighbor whose house is always tidy.  Don’t get me wrong, I love going to her house!  She may not always have the dishes done, but the house is always very tidy and clean.  A friend came to stay with them and when he saw my house, he looked at her and said “You spend too much time cleaning, look at Darcy’s house, you can tell that she has children living there.” While I knew that was not an accolade to my parenting or cleaning skills, I did take it as a compliment.  That means that people are comfortable here.  A kick off your shoes, put your feet on the coffee table, help yourself to the fridge type of comfortable.  Our house is small, so we do most of our entertaining during the summer in the big backyard.  It too is a bit rustic and we have to dust and de-spider-web everything before we use it (the joys of country living).   I should just pack people inside my little house and let everyone be cozy, right?  Always embarrassed that I don’t have the big living room and big dining room, but wouldn’t that just mean more space to CLEAN?

I recently came across an amazing blog post from Momestery.  You will love her take on the state of her 80’s style kitchen.  When she posted a picture on her popular blog, several people offered ways to “improve” and “update” the look of the kitchen.  This is her response.  Priceless.  Give me Gratitude or Give me Debt.  She had me laughing out loud to her reference to warm diet coke.  Seriously, what did those pioneer women do?  You’ll just have to read the article to understand.

So, in an accolade to Momestery, here is my kitchen in all it’s 80’s pergo floor and oak cabinet style, complete with dog biscuits (and dog in her kennel), dishes on the counter where just a few hours ago, lunches were made with love for my not-so-little-anymore kids.  I am blessed to have a kitchen, to have a family, and to have someplace to call home. Kitchen_photo Now it’s time to get back to planning our troop meetings.  The laundry will just have to wait….

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